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Stylish Designer & Wedding Parties Top Level Suits fabric Collection + Formals For Business Meetings & Everyday Wear Fabrics Of Pants Trousers Blazers & Coats of Wide Ranges .

What's on your mind for style today?

Match Your day & Mood With Perfect Choice Of Catchy & Classic Modern Suits & Trousers fabrics !

Royal Suits & Classic 2Pc & 3Pc Suits Fabric

Purest & Finest Weaved Italian Loomed Super Finish Fabric To enhance Your Fashion & Style For Special Occasions.

Elite Trousers & Pants fabric.

COMFORT Which Works 9-To-9 !
The Everyday Trousers & Pants Fabric . Best Formals In Town Ready To Perfectly fit tailor For Your Size.

Wedding & Party Wear Modern Suits Collection

Photography Enhancing Magical Shiny Party Wear Collection Beyond Imagination

" Nothing can match the charm and dignity of a custom-tailored suit & Finishing Of high defined Outfit by Unique Fabric .
A man in a well tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit Choosed readymadely From a Store. ” That’s why A suit needs to fit. There’s a reason it’s called a suit. “Jeans do not “suit” my tasteful approach that’s why a man with suits is a man without limitations.. & whenever I put on a suit and suddenly, I feel like a guy on a movie/magazine cover who can take over the world " - Quote By Ashok Kumar Lakshakar (Founder & Owner @Tanmay Clothing Company.


Difference Between Readymade & Custom Special Tailoring !

Why Readymade suits Goes Out In Style & Fitting ? & Why Custom Tailoring Is Better Than Buying Readymade Ones. 

Custom Tailoring & Fitting !

When We Buy Fabric We know The quality & Gives It To Stiching For our size it fits perfectly.

A readymade one is a off rack , sorted and made for anyone or you can say everyone. when tailors stich specifically according to our requirments . it looks better than brands machhine stiched one

what makes the outfit comfortable ? its the fabric & Custom tailoring to our needs.

Suitable Readymade's

To decrease the cost of production . cheap materials , fab & Machines are used to manufacture a large bulk of pieces with less detailing & Structure . makes the colour Fade & Outfit shrinks.

Same Styled Outfit can be seen On Someone Else wearing in The market . As They Come in Sizes Which Isnt Perfectly fits Your Body & Movements.

To Buy Louis Vitton Suit We may Need 10k To 69K in hand . however to get custom designed the same one can be done in under 10K.

The Darkest Black Suit Fabrics Ever..

Royal Black Men's Suits Fabric

First impression matters . Black It Now With Exclusive Feel That Will Demand Attention from Everyone With Variety of black designs & Get 50% Flat On A 3 Pc Suit Fabric At Wholesale Price . 

P.S – Its Goes Out Fast .

How Custom Tailoring Fits Comfortably to our Size & Shape?

Pure Fabric Gives The Real Feel & Look!

Formal trousers , Suits & Pants are all about Classy function Moves , Comfort & Action Movement . It’s got to be crisp, structured, convenient , Streched , Finished & powerful. The difference between a Best Suits/trouser & in an ordinary Readymade one is the fabric! & When Stiched with Our Measurments Of body It Fits better & Perfectly.

We’ve built the greatest classic Ranges & Designer Suits Fabrics using a High Class Yarns & Neo Blended Threads processed into a tri blend fabric – poly, viscose & elastane . This blend is soft & super comfortable. It also has stretch that allows fluid movement without disturbing the seams & is wrinkle resistant. In the end, a Techno-Luxury garment That Perfects Your style .

Party & Wedding Styling Collection Beyond Imagination.


Top Level Trousers & Pants Fabric Ever Made !

Royalty & Class Embarks Long Journey For a Man . Where Times Are Tough & Situations Are Unpredictable .  The Comfy Action Fabric Makes It More Heroic & Elite level of james Bond Style When Action Strikes in life To get That Deal Done Or To Make That First Impression on Special one. Limited Qty Left..

Don't Just Take Our Words!

Let’s Hear From Our Recent Clients Have To Say About The experience.

” When I Got The Package Of 2 Royal Suits Fabric, I rushed To tailor To sew it for a upcoming deal . The Best Tailor of our city When tooked the cloth in hand He was even Aamazed by the feel,Touch & Texture Of fabric .He said Its a Top Class Fab in the Range i Bought .


Legal Advisor


“I was looking Online For a gift. I was searching many things Then I Saw Their Suits fabric Ad. Bought a 3Pc Suit Fabric Of Maroon color & When The cloth came in my hand.I was shocked. It looked & Felt imported then i Rushed & Bought white one For me too. Its Incredible.




Men's Classic Dark Range Suits Starting @1869/-


Fashion Empowers You Better Than Fame & Name.

Not A Chance ! Our Tri. & Dual blended Fabrics Never Goes Out Shape & Wrinkles dully in size . We do high yarn , fibre & Dying proceess already with maximum shrinks & Durable viscouse & elastane .

After all it all depends how the Fabric is getting Washed , cared & which Drycleaning techniques & Washing powder are being used on fabric. After all Its Not a Body Armour Of batman Or ironman. 

Yes . If You Dont Like What You Get . We Give You 7 Days Return Time After The Day Of delivery . We Will Refund You 100% Money Back . Guaranteed! But Their Is a chase . We will ask for a feedback 😉 

Actually we are manufacture . we give the retailers & Then They Give You with their margins in hand . thats why it gets costly . fabrics design & Texture can be same of many brands however quality can not be.

Yes These Cuts are Universal . every tailor Will tell You that its theperfect cut for designing them .

Most of the times its fast in 3-5 working days however due to any problem or cause .Maximum 10 Days .

Yes They Are 100% Safe . We use & Authentic Gateway Softwares Which Are Pay-pal, Razorpay Which Accepts Debit Credit Cards & Even UPI.

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On Many Ranges!
Styling That Suits You The Most

The in-house designing center creates new designs which are based on the market choice, customer demands, latest trend and climatic conditions etc.

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